1. Live Napoli Arcobaleno Fiammeggiante (20.3.99)

All instrumentals.


2. Cyclic Truth (Live Catania GuernikaFabrik - 13.4.00)

When my grave is broke up againe Some second ghest to entertaine, (For graves have learn'd that woman-head To be to more then one a Bed) And he that digs it, spies A bracelet of bright haire about the bone, Will he not let'us alone, And thinke that there a loving couple lies, Who thought that this device might be some way To make their soules, at the last busie day, Meet at this grave, and make a little stay? If this fall in a time, or land, Where mis-devotion doth command, Then, he that digges us up, will bring Us, to the Bishop, and the King, To make us Reliques; then Thou shalt be'a Mary Magdalen, and I A something else thereby; All women shall adore us, and some men; And since at such times, miracles are sought, I would that age were by this paper taught What miracles wee harmlesse lovers wrought. First, we lov'd well and faithfully, Yet knew not what wee lov'd, nor why, Difference of sex no more wee knew, Then our Guardian Angells doe; Comming and going, wee Perchance might kisse, but not between those meales; Our hands ne'r toucht the seales, Which nature, injur'd by late law, sets free: These miracles wee did; but now alas, All measure, and all language, I should passe, Should I tell what a miracle shee was.

John Donne, 'The Relique'

Maintenant Je porte accusation contre cet homme et cette femme Parce que J'ai existé une seconde seule pour ne plus finir et parce que J'ai été imprimée sur la page de l'éternité! Car ce qui a existé une fois fait partie pour toujours des archives indestructibles. Et maintenant pourquoi ont-ils inscrit sur le mur á leur risque et péril ce signe que dieu leur avait défendu? Et pourquoi m'ayant crée m'ont-ils ainsi cruelement séparée? Moi, qui ne suis q'un? Pourquoi ont-ils porté aux extrémités de ce monde mes deux moitiés palpitants?

M. De Oliveira


3. Catchy Tunes (2001)

front de la rose
Celui qui marche
sur la terre des pluies n'a rien à redouter
de l'épine
dans les lieux finis ou hostiles.
Mais s'il s'arrête
et se recueille,
malheur à lui!
Blessé au vif, il vole en cendres, archer repris
Par la beauté.
Rene Char

There must be something
Giving me the strength
To forget it all
I've got to sort it out
No need to worry about it
Only Thirst
Must remain
Only Thirst
Will remain
In the Air
Until the End

stupid song
I feel so glad
That I want you
To stay here

true heritage
Too many things
Too many foolish things
I will love the things
I really love
I do really love
What thou lovest well
What thou lov'st well
cannot be reft from thee
It's thy true heritage
It's my true heritage

Ezra Pound


4. Imperturbability (2002)

While I drift away
Something happens
And so far away
I play my day

In the mist of time
A light turns on
In the mist of time
I'm aware of may way


5. avoid alliteration. always (2003)

cross this road
Cross this road
Through the fire
In between
I admire

Cross this road
In this wire

goosepimples in 3/4
And I got goosepimples
But it was just freezing

Rising sun in my eye
Diving moon falls from the sky
Talking to myself
I wander through heaven

Challenging the void
I reach for the sky


6. bruma (2004)

remember to forget
hear the shapeless weightless form of your will pray feel and
you'll never be wrong praise all the bloody heart throb

cigarette lighter
have you seen my cigarette lighter? I had it here in the dark it
made the world a little bit brighter


7. standard and normal (2005)

i have a box
I have a box look inside

burrasche in corso
burrasche in corso da nord-est forza sette su adriatico settentrionale burrasche previste da nord-est forza sette su adriatico settentrionale ionio settentrionale adriatico meridionale vento da sud-est forza quattro con raffiche di vento nelle zone temporalesche isolati temporali in attenuazione visibilità buona localmente discreta isolati temporali in attenuazione visibilità buona mare molto mosso localmente agitato con moto ondoso in attenuazione tendenza vento da nord-est forza cinque sereno o poco nuvoloso

little fibs
the great majority of people tend to be corrupted hard rather than consciously and explicitly revealed their wickedness it’s precisely for this reason, for the simplicity of their minds, that people fall already victims of the great lies rather than little fibs

donald adjusts his testicles with his right hand inside his trousers

the next tone
the next tone is a 1 khz sinewave at theoretical maximum level 0 db fs. to avoid damage to speakers and equipment, output level should be reduced. the tone follows in 5 seconds

augusto pinochet
look john! a documentary on pinochet. here with our president – there among the paramilitary soldiers – it seems they’re having fun. look! there’s kissinger too, with a suitcase full of money. and here’s augusto pinochet last year. oh, he looks much older. playing with a balloon with his grandchildren. what tenderness! he’s shut one in a chest. he’s sitting on top of it. the kid’s screaming. makes my stomach turn. switch channels, will you? the black mirror of democracy

hey john, what are you watching? president is welcoming the veterans. the older ones are from vietnam, the others were in iraq. the first are all ill because of agent orange, the others owing to depleted uranium. look! the president is shedding tears. he’s wearing gloves and a protective mask. the veterans are saluting and leaving the stage. it is so moving! look. technicians are disinfecting the hall and the president.

god told us to
china is a strange mix of communism and capitalism. what is the united states going to do? communist capitalism is a dangerous political model we must stop. china is the last enemy. the pentagon plans to attack in 2017. god told us to.

no way out
we don’t like what we used to like - we don’t want what we used to want there’s no way out we’ve got to handle it. If you say yes I say no if you say no you say yes


8. Blog on Rimbaud

Alchimie du verbe
A moi. L’histoire d’une de mes folies.
Depuis longtemps je me vantais de posséder tous les paysages possibles, et trouvais dérisoires les célébrités de la peinture et de la poésie moderne.
J’aimais les peintures idiotes, dessus de portes, décors, toiles de saltimbanques, enseignes, enluminures populaires; la littérature démodée, latin d’église, livres érotiques sans orthographe, romans de nos aïeules, contes de fées, petit livres de l’enfance, opéras vieux, refrains niais, rhythmes naïfs.
Je rêvais croisades, voyages de découvertes dont on n’a pas de relations, républiques sans histoires, guerres de religion étouffées, révolution de moeurs, déplacements de races et de continents: je croyais à tous les enchantements.
J’inventai la couleur des voyelles! – A noir, E blanc
(A. Rimbaud)

Assez vu. La vision s’est rencontrée à tous les airs.
Assez eu. Rumeurs des villes, le soir, et au soleil, et toujours.
Assez connu. Les arrêts de la vie. – O Rumeurs et Visions!
Départ dans l’affection et le bruit neufs!
(A. Rimbaud)

C’est le repos éclairé, ni fièvre, ni langueur, sur le lit ou sur le pré.
C’est l’ami ni ardent ni faible. L’ami.
C’est l’aimée ni tourmentante ni tourmentée. L’aimée.
L’air et le monde point cherchés. La vie.
- Etait-ce donc ceci?
- Et le rêve fraîchit.
(A. Rimbaud)


9. Po(p)tential

What really matters
making decisions seeing through reality selecting information shreds of destiny 'cause what really matters is making things happen because what really counts is making things better shrewdly constructing your own opportunities skilfully awaiting the essence of purity shreds of destiny

In the long run
there's no need to explain there's no need to complain in a way to discover I crave to discover well I tried again in the long run I will see in the long run I will deceive

Bad karma
I've been waiting for far too long for you to go now you're gone I'm warm I'm cold and I'm torn I thought I'd been warm chasing my dharma it's no use for you to go bad karma it's no use for me to feel low with your love at the end of the day it's not bad if you stay when I find myself stuck in a canyon I know for sure you'll be my companion

Keen on me
I'm keen on me why can't you see I'm what you can't be that's my last decree all you can see is what you can't be 'cause you'll never see how I'm keen on me that's my last decree how I'm keen on me


10. Sensorium

congegno innervato capitale rettangoli di acciaio vegetale toccandoli implodono inebetiti carte topografiche ingenue allegri effettivi meritare tronchi di piramidi mortali da suoni che non hanno ragione di essere che vengono dal vuoto e vanno verso il vuoto la mia mente è piena di scorpioni oh schiavo giovane e antico dobbiamo esser lucidi fino alla fine ci son già tante cose superflue in questo fondo la mia mente è piena di scorpioni oh schiavo il vuoto mi stringi comunichi con chi stai vast endless nothing that branches out realm beyond realm all of it is mine nothing is mine all of it is mine from my endless realm of nothing I have nothing nothing is mine how treasured rich am I I have the treasure of nothing on many planes we move with sonic speed of many worlds at last we are in need too long we’ve dwelt on isolated earth [Sun Ra] spirit of the dead rise up lingering spirit of the dead rise up and possess your bird of passage those stolen Africans step out of the ocean from the wombs of the ships and claim your story spirit of the dead rise up lingering spirit of the dead rise up and possess your vessel those Africans shackled in leg irons and enslaved step out of the acres of cane fields and cotton fields and tell your story spirit of the dead rise up lingering spirit of the dead rise up and possess your bird of passage those lynched in the magnolias swinging on the limbs of the weeping willows rotting food for the vultures step down and claim your story spirit of the dead rise up lingering spirit of the dead rise up and possess your vessel those tied, bound, and whipped from Brazil to Mississippi step out and tell your story those in Jamaica in the fields of Cuba in the swamps of Florida the rice fields of Carolina you waiting Africans step out and tell your story spirit of the dead rise up lingering spirit of the dead rise up and possess your bird of passage from Alabama to Suriname, up to the caves of Louisiana. come out! you African spirits step out! and claim your stories you raped slave bred castrated burned tarred and feathered roasted, chopped, lobotomized bound and gagged you African spirits! (Haile Gerima: Sankofa) unaware of the things that lie beyond the truths they thought and taught to be the only truth there could never be there should never be there would never be [Sun Ra] dare un senso al sesso e ai sensi ripresa del gesto fortunatamente fortuito importanza data al suo respirare imponenza bieca improvvisa ascesa nell’incoerenza verso la vittoria al suo respirare accondiscendenza nell’incoerenza


11. In France

but I was sure I was in France land of the syphilis carriers for days I met no one and could only curse nature and things then a voice lured me into a small room someone was waiting for me there but once again I saw no one not even a swarm of flies when night fell someone took me by the hand to look at a distant fire a dull person throwing stones and cursing France is a conundrum a tape recorder left running in a locked and darkened room is a conundrum